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  1. live music

    07/11/09 00:49:50 | 1 Comments

    august 22nd ~ the layne staley tribute ~ the showbox ~ seattle
    september 19th ~ alice in chains ~ house of blues ~ chicago
    september 20th ~ alice in chains ~ the rave ~ milwaukee

    it's so nice to have great music/good friends to look forward to

    fuck yeah
  2. abra-cadaver foot

    04/04/09 03:18:20 | 5 Comments

    first i had a youngish black mans leg....but it wasn't thawed enough so we got a new one
    this time it was an elderly white ladies leg complete with toenail polish
    the specimens were amputated below the knee, the end wrapped in coban (i wanted to rip the coban off and see the cross section but we weren't allowed to)....i felt bad for the old lady that had once been attached to the leg cuz there was a skin tear on her lateral heel - pretty silly of should have seen it once we were done with it since we did not waste time closing any incisions we made in it

    the surgeon that worked with me was dr diaz from new york....good teacher, nice guy, decent surgeon though in his state he is not allowed to perform surgeries above the ankle, so his achilles work wasn't the prettiest

    i got to do a p&a (toenail removal), two different hammer toe surgeries, a bunionectomy, an amputation, a plantar fasciitis (then we removed the entire bottom of the foot from heal to ball to view all three strands of fascia), three different achilles surgeries, two different tarsal tunnel surgeris (this led to my discovery of Tom, Dick and Very Nervous Harry -five main nerves that you def do NOT want to cut) and i got to view the sural and medial nerves as well (which you also do not want to cut)

    unfortunately no pics were allowed out of respect to the donors :( bummer

    the rest of the day was spent with schmoozing sales people, making connections and getting tons of free crap -- i bet my bag weighs a good 10-15 pounds

    dr foot did treat us all to a very nice meal....french onion soup, ceasar salad, prime rib, desert (and a southern comfort old fashioned sweet which made her give me a 'look' cuz no one else had the balls to order a cocktail)....but really we just wanted to get on the road and get the hell out of there (it was a long ass day....from 0630-2100.....ugh -- i'm tired)
    but over dinner we convinced dr that tomorrow we didn't need to go for the whole day....we'll just go for a sterile technique course/certificate and then get the hell out of there -- yeahhhh!

  3. nightmares and dreamscapes

    04/02/09 01:38:40 | 1 Comments

    still having almost nightly bad dreams

    the main stressers in my life have been why the crazy mind games at night?
  4. good vibrations

    03/02/09 02:02:48 | 11 Comments

    when my washing machine is on spin cycle my entire house vibrates

  5. ramble on

    03/01/09 17:18:54 | 3 Comments

    but stupid